China township-including yuanjiang aloe vera


      Aloe vera in the sui and tang dynasties time was introduced into China, the growth in China after change, be called "the aloe vera", is curacao a variant of the aloe vera, growth in tropical regions in China. Yunnan province is China including yuanjiang the birthplace of wild aloe vera. "Citing" account: aloe originated in Africa subtropical, China's yunnan including yuanjiang there are wild. The average temperature of 23.8 degrees Celsius including yuanjiang years, the average temperature of 16.7 degrees Celsius monthly minimum and average annual rainfall of 800 mm around, the annual evaporation 2000 millimeter above, sunshine throughout the year 2261 hours, dry wet index is much lower than the Cape Town, is typical of DHV climate, plenty of sunshine, no frost, was recognized as the most experts at home and abroad for planting aloe regions. One was PuPiao including yuanjiang in the place, with the largest area of Chinese rare wild aloe community. Here, is the only one of the China's a wild aloe nature reserve, the every piece of aloe vera is a out of print. In 1999, including yuanjiang evergreen aloe garden was elected